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Height of the net

Placed vertically over the centre line there is a net whose top is set at the height of 2.43m for men and 2.24m for women.

Its height is measured from the centre of the playing court. The net height(over the two side lines) must be exactly the same and must not exceed the official height by more than 2cm.



The net is 1m wide and 9.50 to 10m long(with 25 to 50cm on each side of the side bands), made of 10cm square black mesh.

For FIVB, World and Official Competitions, in conjunction with specific competition regulations, the mesh may be modified to facilitate advertising according to marketing agreements.


At its top a horizontal band, 7 cm wide, made of two-fold white canvas,is sewn along its full length. Each extreme end of the band has a hole,through which passes a cord, fastening the band to the posts for keeping its top taut.

Within the band, a flexible cable fastens the net to the posts and keepsits top taut.

At the bottom of the net there is another horizontal band, 5cm wide,similar to the top band, through which is threaded a rope.This rope fastens the net to the posts and keeps its lower part taut.

Side bands

Two white bands are fastened vertically to the net and placed directly above each side line.

The are 5cm wide and 1 m long and are considered ad part of the net.


An antenna is a flexible rod, 1.80m long and 10mm in diameter, made of fibreglass or similar material.

An antenna is fastened at the outer edge of each side band. The antennae are placed on opposite of the net.

The top 80 cm of each antenna extends above the net and is marked with 10cm stripes of contrasting color, preferably red and white.

The antennae are considered as part of the net and laterally delimit the crossing space.

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