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How to Protect Date Palm

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Date palm trees are mainly grow in the Middle East, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. The unique evergreen canopy and high-yield fruits make it a high-grade ornamental plant.and a s of high economic value.


The leaf color of the date palm tree is green, and the leaf color becomes lighter during the ripe fruit period in autumn. After the fruit was picked, the green color of the leaves will be restored. The branches and leaves are in the shape of feathers and needles. The long leaves are up to 6 meters, and the top young leaves grow obliquely. The amazing thing is that the trunk is tall and straight, up to 30 meters high.

How to Protect Date Palm?

The nascent date palm fruit is green, becomes yellow when it grows up, and becomes reddish brown when it matures. The date palm fruit is long oval, each tree can harvest five to ten clusters, and each cluster weighs up to seven or eight kilograms. In its full fruit period. Generally, the output of date palm trees is 100㎏. In the season of receipt, the heavy date palms should be wrapped in an inverted funnel-shaped paper bag and then covered with a net bag. In order to prevent the young fruit that has just grown from withering due to exposure to the sun, and rot due to rain, the ripening fruit will fall because it is too heavy and be pecked by birds because it is too sweet. The date palm tree can be over a hundred years old, and it can easily and easily obtain several hundred kilograms of high-value fruits every year. As a typical repetitive wealth, it is inherited as a heritage in the Middle East.

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