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Hefei Better Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of netting products. The products include sun shade net, shade sails, aluminet shade cloth, anti-bird net, anti-insect net, anti-hail net, plant support net, weed barrier fabric, olive harvest net, artificial grass, construction safety net, safety fence, bale net, geotextile fabric and much more. Uses for these nets include applications for agriculture, greening, construction, security, automobile, package and other industries.

Agriculture product

Agriculture is the primary industry.Agricultural products need to be realized with advanced greenhouse cultivation technology today.

It's also essential to protect against the damage of insect/bird and bad weather.

Synthetic greening

Greening is the activity of planting plants to improve the environment.Synthetic greening is committed to improving people's visual enjoyment and creating good sports environment.

Construction safety

Construction industry is an important part of the national economy.Protection of construction safety is particularly important,It is a reminder of danger in buildings and road construction.

Security nets

Security nets are also important in Aerial work,Play entertainment,Climbing sport,Fall protection etc.Provide strong guarantee for people's life safety.

Car sunshade

Cars are an important travel tool for people.Car window protection is an essential measure in life,It not only extend the using life of the car but brings convenience and comfort to people's lives.

Agricultural packaging products

Packaging is to protect products during circulation, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales.Packaging products are dedicated to the protection and storage of fruits, flowers and plants in agriculture .


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