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Sport Protective Netting

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Sport is a positive way for exercising body and keep shape. But it also bring dangers to us and somebody surrounding, especially the ball sports. How to keep this healthy life way without the hidden danger. I find that the best choice to solve the problem - Protective Netting.

Golf Barrier Net | Golf

Golf barrier net alias is golf impact netting, which is mainly applied for ball hitting barrier. Golf barrier net is also multifunctional. Not only for golf barrier but also home protection and residential protection. Golf netting have square mesh and diamond mesh, can catch the ball. Surrounding the mesh fabric is reinforced rope border, this border make the installation easier. Black golf net is the most popular among the world. But if you want to create a more decorative area, you may choose colored knotless barrier netting. Grey, green, red, blue, double color and other customized color netting are available.

1’’ mesh is mostly recommended for golf barrier netting. About the mesh size, 1’’和 3/4’’ hole size both are right choice, 45 ft is a standard to make a distinction. If the driving range over 45ft (about 13.716m), It is better to buy 1’’(2.54cm) golf net. Others can directly choose 3/4’’ mesh. 











Golf Driving Range Net


Knotless Golf Barrier Net

Warning Net Fence | Football

We did not mean to hit or shock others, sometimes we just have a nice shot and get scores at the football playground. When we are screaming and someone walk pass us and feel scared. A warning net fence is an ideal choice. Orange warning net create a fence that protect your happy and strangers will not be disturbed.

Warning net is double colors-orange and yellow. Knitted warning net is made of woven fabric. Extruded warning net with rectangular mesh is made of extruded Plastic. Knitted warning net is soft and easy to roll and pack. It is a good netting for temporary screen. The extruded warning net has longer using life outside than knitted netting.


Extruded Warning Net


Knitted Warning Net


Privacy Screen Fence | Swimming

Swimming is a excellent sports in summer. Cool sports and keep fit and it is a real essential skill when you in danger. However, some sight from neighbour delay the desire of learning. Privacy screen fence is made of HDPE material and UV stabilizer. 95% shade rate resist the sight, and 5% UV stabilizer make it longer using time. Surround your pools or your fence and cover it and enjoy your sports time.


Privacy Screen Net

For customized mesh requirements, size and supply issues, golf net quotation or other specific golf net inquiries, please feel free to contact us, we can help you freely.


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