How to Choose The Weed Barrier?

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Increase Soil Temperature & Restrain Drastic Changes in Soil Temperature


The temperature of soil covered by Weed mat is generally 2℃-3℃ higher than that of exposed soil. Therefore, weed barrier covering plants can increase the ground temperature in winter and spring.

It should be noted that weed barriers of different colors have different heating effects.

Transparent weed barrier has the best warming effect, you can imagine it as a mini warm greenhouse.

The black weed barrier is opaque, and the ground temperature rises slowly. It is mainly used for the cultivation of low-humidity and weed-prone crops, and has the functions of cooling down, retaining water, increasing light, and killing weeds.

Silver weed barrier, basically does not increase the temperature; covering cultivation of cucumber, tomato, watermelon, sweet pepper, celery, head lettuce, spinach, tobacco can achieve good results.

Covering with weed barrier in summer can restrain the increase of soil temperature, and covering it with weed cloth in winter can restrain the drop of soil temperature.



Improve The Physical Properties of The Soil.


The soil covered by the weed barrier has higher oxygen content than the open field, which is conducive to the growth of plant roots. weed barrier can prevent soil compaction and improve soil physical and chemical properties. At the same time, due to the remarkable water retention effect of the weed barrier. It can also prevent soil erosion, reduce water evaporation, reduce field humidity, and reduce plant diseases.


Increase The light Effect.


The reflection effect of the transparent weed barrier and the small water droplets attached under the weed barrier increases the reflected light near the ground surface, effectively changing the light conditions during the growth period of the crop, increasing the photosynthesis intensity of the crop, and prolonging the photosynthesis time, thereby increasing The photosynthetic yield and the accumulation of organic matter.


Promote The Early Listing of Crops.


Because the weed barrier cover regulates the underground and above-ground parts of the plant and promotes the growth, the cultivated crops enter the product formation period earlier, especially increasing the early production of winter and spring cultivated crops, thus also increasing the total output.


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