Weed Membrane, The Most Comprehensive Weed Membrane In Stock

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Weed membrane


What is weed membrane?

Weed membrane is a woven plastic fabric which can stop weeds growth effectively. Weed membrane can be used for more than 5 years in the open field, and the cost is low; Ground cover fabric has good water permeability, water can penetrate into the soil to maintain soil moisture; it can control weeds for a long time; it has the advantages of saving labor and cost and high production efficiency, which is particularly labor-saving for modern orchards Chemical cultivation plays an important role.


Weed membrane Types

Here we collect some classic weed membrane for your considering.



Black weed membrane

Black weed membrane is the most common kind of weed membrane, black can absorb more heat, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. have to say that black weed membrane is a wise choice for outdoor planting.

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White weed membrane

White weed membrane is widely used in greenhouses. White weed membrane can reflect the full range light, making the color of the fruit more homogeneous. The most common use is for tomatoes and some hydroponic plants.



Green weed membrane

Green weed membrane is used in some outdoor scenes. This kind of ground cloth is not only suitable for agriculture but also very suitable for the beautification of commercial and home gardens. The commercial landscape fabric works great as an underlayer for artificial grass, vegetable patch, flower bed, ground cover, patio garden, driveway, chippings, stones, gravel walkway, playground etc. You can also DIY cloth size by yourself.


Gray ground cloth

Gray ground cloth is often suitable for berry plants such as strawberries. You can see them in many greenhouses and shade houses. 

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Besides the color of the weed membrane, some different design. straight line, grid, double color, hole.

Straight line weed membrane

Straight line weed membrane releases part of the gardener's work, and there is no need to repeatedly measure the line spacing on the ground. If it is a hydroponic system, just place the device directly along the line.

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Grid weed membrane

Grid weed membrane can make your nursery space more clean and orderly. This weed membrane is ideal for flower and nursery tree farming.

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Double color weed membrane

Double color weed membrane is more unique than normal single color weed membrane. Weed membrane with hole make work more easier. Even you are not an expert, you can do a good job with this piece of weed membrane. Just put the plant in the hole likes that you grow vegetable as usual.

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