Why Are Most Agricultural Shade Nets Black

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The black shade net has a strong ability to absorb the purple thread, and the sunshade net keeps the heat of the sun on the net, so the temperature under the sunshade net is lower. Just as we do not recommend wearing black clothes in summer, black clothes absorb heat in the clothes. Most of the clothes in summer are close-fitting, so the human body will feel very hot. But the distance between the sunshade net and the plants is very large, so the heat is only on the net, and the plants are not so hot. The reason why white shade nets are not used is that although white reflects most of the light, there will be light passing through it and it will not play a role in shading. For black, its light transmittance is basically zero.

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  Raw Material
Min Order Quantity
1 Ton
Life Span
Shade rate
50m, 100m, as required

Normal color: dark green, black

Special color: customized

Delivery time
 within 30 days after receiving the deposit
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C


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