Which tools can make better beekeeping

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Mastering some better beekeeping tools can make us better beekeeping. Now let us briefly understand which beekeeping tools are.

Bee Hive

In the wild, bees can build nests at will, which is obviously inconvenient for beekeeper. The beeh ive is a necessary tool for beekeeping. Regarding the purchase of bee hives, Waxed beehives have good rain resistance, but poor moisture absorption, and a lot of water drops appear on the walls in winter or early spring. It is recommended that novice friends choose non-waxed Fraxinus boxes, which have better ventilation and moisture resistance than waxed beehives, and are more suitable for the habits of bees. If you have bought a waxed beehive, you can carbonize surface in the inside of the beehive with a fire torch.

Non-waxed Bee Hive.jpg

Non-waxed Bee Hive

Waxed Bee Hive.jpg

Waxed Bee Hive


Beehive Transport Net

Bees use their tail thorns to defend the colony, and they also use it to attack invaders. But when transporting, we don’t want bees to attack us, nor do we want to reduce the number of bees. A simple way is (not an open flame) to raise smoke. In this case, the bee colony will be relatively quiet. A better way is to use bee transport nets. The bee transport net is transparent and breathable. This makes the user more convenient that no smoke can rise in the moving truck. It is because the above-mentioned method has great limitations.



Bee Transport net.jpg

Bee Transport Net

Hat And Spray Bottle 

As a gregarious animal, bees release pheromones that make them attack when they have foreign enemies. As a beekeeper, a hat can protect yourself well. If the situation becomes worse when the bee colony is merged, the bee's reaction will be extremely strong. At this time, a spray can can perfectly solve this problem.


Spray bottle


Bee Hat

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