Trellis Support Netting

Trellis support netting can be used either vertically, or horizontally in multiple layers to support plants as they grow. Ideal for growing vegetables like peas, tomatoes, pole beans and cucumbers where the plants attach easily to the net with no additional tying necessary.


Product Description

  • Plastic plant support netting can be used vertically to offer the support for climbing plants, vegetables plants, such as cucumber, bean, clematis. It makes grow health and have a clean and biggest harvest.

  • It can be also used horizontally to provide the space guide to make the plants grow through it. It is ideal for long stem plants like pepper, chrysanthemum, freesia and carnation.

  • UVA stabilized polypropylene

  • Resistant to bacteria, chemical agents and mold

  • Light in weight - easy to handle 8g/sqm

  • Tear resistant

  • Cardboard core for quick unrolling

  • Rot and rust proof

  • Double reinforced edges

  • Can be used with Agtec monofilament for additional support

Technical Parameters

Product name
Hot Sale Plant Vine Climbing Trellis Netting
3%~5%, as request
hdpe, polyester
Brand Name
White, Blue, Black
1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.7m, 2m
Mesh Size
150x170mm, 100x100mm



trellis netting (11).jpg    trellis netting (13).jpgtrellis netting (14).jpg 


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