Woven Ground Cover - Ground Covers & Mulch - Weed Control

Ground cover is great for use under plantings in shrub borders and beds, in wet or dry locations, which makes it ideal for greenhouse and nursery usage instead of gravel. This weed barrier prevents weeds from growing by blocking sunlight from penetrating soil while allowing air and water through to nourish plants.

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Product Description

  • A ground cover is generally made of plastic or cloth. It works by stopping the supply of sunlight to the weeds, thereby killing them. Organic versions of ground covers can be simple mulch or bark. Some people also use newspaper for this purpose. 

  • A high quality ground cover will suppress the growth of weeds, while at the same time providing sufficient drainage for the soil underneath, so that it stays moist and nourished. 

  • It is easy to install a weed mat by without assistance, but an assistant can make the job faster and more accurate. Before installing the weed mat, remove all the existing weeds in the area. Try to remove all the weeds from the root, so that they will not crop up again. You will also need landscaping staples, or stakes to affix the weed mat in place. Before laying the weed mat, make sure you accommodate the existing plants in the flower bed. To do so, start at a corner of the flower bed and pull the weed mat tight over the coverage area.

Technical Parameters

Raw Material
warp knitted
Using Life
2-5years, under normal weather conditions
As required
Black, green, white, etc(as requested)
As your request
Delivery time
within 30 days after receiving the deposit
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C
The inner is paper tube
The outside is PE plastic bag




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