Grass Matting, Garden Matting, Grass Protection Mats

Green and environmental protection: The artificial garden grass is a two-color PE grass wire developed from the new technology. Every inch of green is considered to protect the environment, so as to ensure a 24-hour sports healthy environment and happy atmosphere, degradable, recyclable and real green environmental protection products! high tenacity: The product's own sensitive velvet can effectively improve the elasticity of artificial turf by more than 30%. At the same time, it can withstand hundreds of millions of rotations, bends and tramples brought about by football with imported two-color straight grass yarn with high toughness, and it still remains new for a long time! "Diamond" monofilament: The artificial turf comes from the inspiration of the middle bone bar of natural lawn. The PE "diamond" monofilament is developed by combining the diamond round edge. The shape of the double-sided circular bar between them ensures its good elasticity after bending.


Product Description

☉Degradable green products, garden mats are the basis for home beautification.

☉The product can effectively improve the elasticity and toughness of artificial turf by more than 30%.

☉The shape of the double-sided round rod ensures good elasticity after bending.

☉Better fracture resistance and longer service life.





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