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Play Climbing Nets Need To Know

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There are many park equipped with BETTER TECH nets which are for climbing. However, it may injure body, if kids play the climbing net incorrectly. So how to climb the rope wall and what should us pay attention to?


How to play the Climbing Net correctly?

A. Reject sharp and hard items.

Try not to have sharp and hard items when climbing. It is best to wear sportswear.

B. Warm-up.

Regardless of any outdoor sports, you must warm up. Warm-up exercise can relax the muscles of the limbs. We can turn our wrists and ankles, press our legs, and finally do a few bounces in place. Very simple action keeps you away from muscle strain

C. Exercise balance.

Before the official climb, we can try a few more times. We can practice balance under the climbing net. Do not stare at the crawling net with your knees. Wear high-friction sports shoes to prevent your feet from twisting when climbing.

D. Do not pull partner who is climbing.

The climbing net in the park is used by more than one child, so be careful not to pull the children who are already online. This is because the center of gravity is unstable in the process of climbing the net, so never reach back to your partner.

E. Take safety measures.

The length of the climbing net is limited. If you use the correct method to climb, you will not only get to the top, but also exercise your body. Wear bracers during climbing. After reaching the end, we can hold the safety rope or safety wood with our hands, and don't make trouble. After we climbed up, we must slowly climb down. Don't worry, the scenery after climbing down is also beautiful.


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