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How to reuse onion bags

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The good thing about onion sacks is that they are affordable and can be reused if you just take care of them. These Onion Mesh Bags offer plenty of advantages such as carrying food with air circulation and better preserving options.

Beside everything, we are sure that your area of knowledge about reusing is not wide. Luckily, we have brought some ways to reuse onion sacks and also came some options for you that you can choose according to your need.


Onion net bagss come in a variety of types and have different uses.

In order to understand the types of Onion Mesh Bags, we need to understand how they are made.

In order to manufacture onion net bags, plastics are primarily used as raw materials, which are extruded and drawn through corresponding equipment, which can also be said to be made into flat yarns and then woven into the bags.

The most common usage of onion net bags for transportation is as a container for transporting vegetables and fruits, since Onion Mesh Bags are strong, anti-aging, and ventilated, making them excellent containers for vegetables and fruits.


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