How To Distinguish 100% New HDPE And Recycle HDPE Shade Cloth

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Shade nets are widely used for shade in cultivation of mushrooms, flowers, vegetables. This is a very economical development method. Good quality sunshade nets with a lifespan uptown 5 years. But not all shade nets are durable. Some sunshade nets will become brittle and thinner. It is mainly because the shade net with such problem is made of recycled HDPE. How to quickly distinguish between brand new HDPE and recycled HDPE is very important for us. You can distinguish 100% New HDPE And Recycle HDPE Shade Cloth Netting as the three following steps.

Step One-Smell

The shade cloth net with a small smell is basically made from new HDPE materials. If it smells bad and irritant. It must be made from recycle HDPE. 

Step Two-observation

100% new HDPE shade cloth is better to have a flat and a glossy surface.

Step Three-Touch

You may touch the shade cloth netting with your hands. Surface of 100% new HDPE shade net would make you feel better and smoother and more delicate.


Generally speaking, under the same conditions, the sunshade net made of new material is of course better than the reclaimed sunshade net. If the service life is taken into account, the darker shade is better than the lighter shade if other conditions such as the added anti-aging agent are the same. Long service life

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