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Where hailstorms most common in the world?


In addition to warm sunny days, severe meteorological disasters such as thunderstorms, high winds, and hail are hitting agricultural development worldwide. In the United States, A place that typically has the most hailstorm, with an average of 7 to 9 days of hail per year. He's Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. The area where these three states meet.On June 7, there have been four more days that had more than 20 reports of hail with diameters greater than 2 inches. One occurred in the Plains on April 22, another in West Texas on May 1st, another across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic on May 19, in southeast Kansas through northwest Texas. Youtuber Wild WeatherUSA Chinnel upload videos which recording the violent hailstorm hit southwestern France on Monday evening, leaving major devastation behind. The size of the hailstones was almost the size of a baseball, destroying car windows as well. 19 police departments in this area of ​​France went on orange alert as a result of the storm. In these serious climate conditon. orchards and farms lost more than we can belive that, cuz the hail hit the nursey or the fruits and the demage is irreversible. For farmer, it means they dropped the coin to the pacific. While there is a economical method to avoid the hail - use hail net before the bad climate.


What is the hail net?

The anti-hail nets is made of HDPE materil,which has superior ductibility and is of corrosion resistance. This plastic netting is woven by machine. The mesh fabric will not split when it be hung and be loaded. White nets are lightable and very easy to install as well as uninstall on cages. It is ideally suited for hail and birds to cover for the fruit orchards and even trees like apple and mango. These are lightweight in nature and very easy to install as well as uninstall.


Why use a hail net?

  • Reducing orchard losses. HDPE nets keep hail from hitting fruits on fruit trees.

  • Deter birds from pecking fruits and berries such as peaches, blueberries, and strawberries.

  • Preventing bees from approaching the flowering fruit trees. Hail nets with fine mesh design can be used as bee nets.

  • Allowing air to flow freely, good breathability mesh fabric does not cause transpiration of plants like a 90% shading plastic net.

  • low cost.

  • Used for up to 12 seasons, BETTERTECH hail nets can be customized to last a long time by adding antioxidants and UV stabilizers to the product.

  • Easy to install. The hail net is so soft that the hail protection system can be hung on the cable or manually fixed to the cages.


Where can I buy a hail net nearby?

Hail net from retailer


Suit for customer

Fast delivery

High cost




Hail net from manufacturer


Suit for Wholesaler/trader/distributor

Factory price lower than Amazon

1/3/5 years Warranty


Hail Net Customized Service

BETTERTECH is ready to help you customize your hail nets all the time. You just need to email our office email info@bettermicn.com with your project specifications. Please don't worry about the packing method, we offer standard polybag packing, carton packing, and pallet packing. Our sales representatives will respond to your quotation as soon as they receive your inquiry, and the maximum waiting time is usually no more than 6 hours. Please contact us if you need any further assistance


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