Geo Bags, Grow Bags, and Nowoven Bags

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 Geo Bags


(geo bags from China manufacturer)

   Geo bags are small sand containers made of non-woven geotextile fabric. Because of their outstanding water filtration properties, geo bags are used in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and other countries for slope protection and shoreline protection projects. Using geo bags is a very economical and environmentally friendly way of protecting nature. After the level drops, the geo bags are able to be moved to where they are needed.Geo bags can be used not only for shoreline, dam, and river protection but also for dewatering. The high-quality non-woven fabric with antioxidants helps dewater sludge, oil, sediment, and animal manure regardless of their PH level.

Grow bags


(Grow bags from Hefei BetterTech )

  Grow bags are popular in modern agriculture, especially for potato growing. They have a superior drainage function. Grow bags can be divided into PE grow bags and non-woven grow bags by material. Hefei BetterTech offers non-woven grow bags with openings and velcro, which are more suitable for peanuts, potatoes, and onions. These bags are more suitable for peanuts, potatoes, onions, radishes, and other plants that bear fruit underground. The window design allows the grower to observe the plants as they mature.

Why grow bags?

  • Superior Drainage

  • Temperature Control

  • Convenient Storage

  • Versatility application

Nowoven Nursery bags

  Nursery bags effectively improve the various resistance and growth rate of seedlings. Thanks to the breathable system, the growing environment of seedlings is greatly protected. The non-woven seedling bag facilitates the transportation and handling of seedlings in farms and flower markets. It plays a big role in modern seedling nursery.


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