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What Material Are Bird Nets Made of?

Bird net fiber is made by mixing HDPE/PE/PP and other plastic polymers with UV stabilizer, color master batch, antioxidant, etc. Among them, HDPE is a thermoplastic resin with good heat resistance and cold resistance, good chemical stability, no change due to pH, high rigidity, and no odor. Some PP can be made into modified PP through different formulations, usually glass fiber can be added. Compared with each other, the quality of HDPE bird net is better.

What Are The Types of Bird Nets?


According to different processing techniques, there are two main types of bird nets, extruded bird nets and woven bird nets. Heavy-duty extruded bird nets will not entangle or kill birds. The ultra-light extruded bird net does not affect the growth of shrubs, fruit trees. Woven bird nets are flexible, lightweight and widely erected on orchards. Knotted woven nets can not only be used to protect chickens and raptors, but also thicken the diameter of ropes to be used as purse seines, sports nets, and ball nets.

What Is The Production Process Of Bird Net?

Extruded bird net

A Heat and melt the raw materials

B By using a plastic extruder, the molten plastic stream is extruded into a special rotating head with an inner and outer die with several small holes. The molten plastic flows through the die orifice to form two molten filaments. Through the rotation of the machine head, the two strands of plastic filaments meet at one point intermittently to form a netting, which is then cooled and shaped.

Woven bird net

A Pressing sheet

B slitting

C rerolling

D weaving

What Applications Does Bird Net Have?

Bird droppings may also cause damage to property and equipment. Birds also frequently steal from crops and fruit orchards. Anti-bird nets are widely used in orchards, including apple orchards, pear orchards, vineyards, peach orchards, cherry orchards, kiwi orchards, blueberry orchards, fish ponds, farms, rice fields, etc.


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