7 Ideas For Bird Blocking In Orchards

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Bird is the fairy of the nature,but when they eat our fruits in orchard, it seems not such cute. We love it but we need to protect our harvest. Here are several ideas for bird protection in orchards.

A. Scarecrow. 

This is the traditional method. Can prevent the invasion of harmful birds in a short time

B. The fruit growers drive away manually. 

This method is undoubtedly exhausting. The fruit grower needs to observe the time of bird activity first, and then take action to drive away the birds.

C. Spray medicament. 

Spraying the medicine with a taste that birds don't like is to keep the birds away from our orchard.

D. Use sound waves. 

Playing the sound waves that birds do not like or the sounds of birds' natural enemies in the orchard can effectively repel birds.

E. reflective ground cover fabric

Because birds have very good eyesight, the harsh light can make them nervous. Growers can lay reflective mulch. Such reflection not only hinders the landing of the bird, but also diffuses the light on the fruit, making the color of the fruit more uniform.

F. paper bags. 

The paper bag can effectively prevent the birds from eating the fruit. This kind of paper bag is often disposable, both in terms of labor and cost.

G. bird-proof net.

 Anti-bird net is a kind of plastic warp-knitted net. The fruit grower puts a bird-proof net on the upper part of the fruit tree, which can effectively block all the birds. At the same time, the anti-bird net can also resist the severe weather like hail. After the fruit is picked, the anti-bird net can be rolled up and used in the coming year.

In summary, traditional methods such as scarecrows are very wasteful of manpower, and at the same time they are not effective in blocking birds. The medicine, mulch film and paper bag are disposable, which is neither environmentally friendly nor economical. Anti-bird nets and sonic are the best choices for anti-bird nets. Hefei better technology co., Ltd., we provides you with competitive prices.


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