1x40'HQ Malla Raschel Shipped To Chile

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Malla raschel is been Loading to the container. The 40'HQ black malla raschel will be shipped to Chile. 

Malla raschel specification

Black malla raschel

65% shading rate

3.6*50m per roll


With the use of BETTER TECH malla raschel, it can protect wasps from pollinatinng and protect kiwi and other fruit away from birds' pecking. improve the output of kiwi and decrease hurted fruits.

By MALLA RASCHEL MANUFACTURER - Hefei Better Technology Co., Ltd

HEFEI BETTER TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd provide malla raschel private labels service over 10 years. malla for greenhouse, orchards, farms, crops and flowers cultivation. 


Black Malla Raschel

malla-raschel.jpgWhite Malla Raschel



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