agro shade net

Agro shade nets are made of chemically stable polyethylene or high-density polyethylene that will not rot or become fragile. Different shade rates and colors of shade nets can effectively adjust the environmental conditions such as sunlight and temperature during the growth of plants. The shading rate can be chosen according to the growth stage of the plants. nursery need more sunlight in the stem and leaf growth stage, so you can choose a low shade rate, such as 30% shade net. However, fragile buds, roses, orchids and other cut flower varieties need 70-85% shade. majority of plants need more long-wave light, so shade netting needs to block short-wave light. The general colors of shade netting tend to be dark green and black. Black shade netting can filter more sunlight and provide better shading effect. As a factory, Hefei BetterTech directly provides the best price agro shade net & garden green shade net for traders and distributor companies.


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