Geotextile Ground Cover

PP/PET Woven Geotextiles is made from polypropylene/polyester fibers, manufactured from high tenacity polypropylene (PP)/polyester (PET) yarns, our woven geotextiles have superior properties for filtration, separation, reinforcement, erosion control and drainage. Woven geotextile is for a variety of civil and environmental applications including highways, port facilities, reservoir, transport construction, waste and chemical management, subgrade engineering, coast reclamation works, peninsula shoal engineering, etc.


Product Description

  • Constructed from a series of needle punched pores, geotextile filter fabrics allow water to flow through the material while blocking sediment, silt, and other aggregates. This provides effective protection in areas dealing with filtration requirements or erosion control.

  • Separate layers of materials and keep them from sinking or disintegrating into each other.

  • Drain areas where water pools while keeping soil in place.

  • Serve as effective filters, catching some materials to prevent drains from clogging.

  • Reinforce earthen structures like drains and dikes by holding layers in place.

  • Protect and guard against erosion in places like roads and beaches.

Technical Parameters

Net weight
Net width
Rolls Lengths
50m, 100m, 200 m or as your request
Sheet measures
On request
Shade rate
100% material of PE/PP
black ,green,or black,green (any color is available)
Delivery time
35 days after order
one roll per one stong polybag.(as request)
1*20FT container can load 10-12T
1*40FT container can load21-23T




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